Debully is a revolutionary approach to anti-bullying assemblies. First, we capture the students’ attention with a live concert, including lights and top 40 songs with a positive message. After we capture the students’ attention with music, they’re able to connect with students by sharing their stories about how bullying affected them mentally, emotionally, and socially as well as how they overcame bullying. They teach the students how to use kindness, encouragement, compassion, and understanding to help those who are bullying or being bullied. This high-energy assembly is sure to inspire and challenge students to transform the culture of bullying by accepting and embracing the uniqueness and differences of others.


    The Debully team is always great at our junior high. Kids this age respond best to their own music and look at the Debully team to bring that style in a high energy rock concert style assembly punctuated by personal stories from their own lives. They challenge and motivate students to work a little harder to lift the culture of the school to be kinder and more inclusive. I’m looking forward for years to come of the Debully team bringing their message to our school!”

    - Carla Kerske, Azle Junior High