“The message the Debully team brings is outstanding: a message of uniqueness, a message of love, a message of kindness that spreads throughout, which is what every school needs.”

– Counselor, DA Holsey Middle School, Dallas, Texas

“The Debully Assembly was amazing today. We really needed this as a school. Our kids loved it! We’ve had a really hard week. We had a student loss. I can’t tell you enough how much I thank you for an exciting, fun, energetic assembly with such a positive message.

– Counselor, Gene Pike Middle School, Justin, Texas.

“Our kids have such a different background from most of the typical kids in our district, so programs like this with music they can relate to and lyrics to the songs they know really help. The way you related the music and stories to caring about each other and preventing bullying really struck a cord for us. You made a huge impact!”

– Counselors, Newcomers School, Arlington, Texas

We are so appreciative of the Debully team letting our students know how important bullying is and how it affects people mentally, emotionally, and socially. This concert gives students a way of learning how to stand up against bullying in a much more interactive way in which they’re having fun, listening to music, and dancing — instead of someone just standing up and talking about how bullying is bad. One of the things I love is that your program gives our kids that opportunity.”

— Counselors, Jere Baxter Middle School, Nashville, Tennessee.

The Debully team is always great at our junior high. Kids this age respond best to their own music and look at the Debully team to bring that style in a high energy rock concert style assembly punctuated by personal stories from their own lives. They challenge and motivate students to work a little harder to lift the culture of the school to be kinder and more inclusive. I’m looking forward for years to come of the Debully team bringing their message to our school!”

- Carla Kerske, Azle Junior High